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Do you have an event coming up?
Share your event details.
Display your event details on our local community forum.

This is how you do it.
The quickest way to share your event details with the local community is to join our forum.

Then under the Discuss local events and find information , you upload your event details in our forum.

Step 1: Register with our forum.
Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please,
join our community today !

Step 2: Upload your event details.
Discuss and share local event information

Thats it your done.
Now that was quick and easy.


Newsletter each week or month.
Non profit community group category:

If you would like to display a non profit community group newsletter each week or month, this can be done for free by joining our forum, and you can display your newsletter in our Community and Sports Groups category.
Click here for a guide for Non profit community groups.
How to start - a non profit community group category


A commercial event and or advertising:
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Go to 4GC Local Radio Station Charters Towers 4GC plays The Best Songs of All Time

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