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Old 28-04-2011, 06:11 PM
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Default KAGE Communication - SUNDOWNER Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to our

Chris Boyd in his review in The Australian said
"SUNDOWNER succeeds in what it set out to do: engage, educate and

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and want to take this
opportunity to share it with you. We started working on this piece
way back in 2009 and are so proud to have had the World Premiere at
Castlemaine State Festival on the 1-3rd April 2011.

Our next show, LOOK RIGHT THROUGH ME, is just around the corner but
before we move on we want to celebrate this huge success. We warned
you it was going to be a big year for KAGE and we're delivering on
our promise. It is our growing number of donors that are making this
2011 program possible and we hope that you are enjoying sharing our
excitement with us!


Sell-out Success!
Audience Feedback
Kate Denborough's Thoughts
Thanks to Everyone Involved
Those Who Made it Possible
SUNDOWNER on ABC's Artscape
The Future

Sell-out Success!

SUNDOWNER was a major, new, performance work for KAGE combining
dance, drama and original composition to reflect the experiences and
frustrations of younger onset dementia. It was presented on the
opening weekend of Castlemaine State Festival 2011.

2pm Friday 1st April
2pm and 7:30pm Saturday 2nd April
2pm and 7:30pm Sunday 3rd April

Through this show KAGE aimed to give authentic creative
representation to the often hidden personal experience of those
dealing with dementia and to increase the communities understanding
of Alzheimer's disease. With only five shows KAGE still managed to
make our mark and presented to full houses across the season.

We were delighted to see so many of our supporters, funders, KAGE
Companions, and industry peers at the show especially making the trip
to Castlemaine just for us.

Plus a huge thanks to all our KAGE Communication readers who came and
saw SUNDOWNER and congratulations to those that won tickets!

Audience Feedback

It's always a scary time for KAGE when it comes to the first
performance of a new work - what will people think and how will they

Thankfully our audiences were very generous and despite being teary,
and often red eyed, were able to give us standing ovations, and share
their throughts with us both in the foyer after the show and via

Here are a just a few...

Congratulations! Sundowner is a gorgeous piece of theatre. I was
moved to laughter, to wonderings and to tears...but overall, I walked
away from that theatre feeling inspired and connected, and I think
others felt the same way. For me the play expressed significant ideas
about identity and how it is held...and so beautifully.
Sue Mitchell

Just a quick word to say how fantastic was the production on
Saturday. All of my guests were mightily impressed, and affected. It
has been such a delight being associated with KAGE from the moment
you came to see us over two years ago through to the blooming of this
wonderful interpretation of the Alzheimer's journey. The use of the
boy was pure genius. The Tivoli Lovelies were more than lovely. Helen
was sublime and the dancers ethereal. Thank you so much for the

Jack Sach, General Manager - Strategic Initiatives - Alzheimer's
Australia Vic

Thank you for inviting me to attend - the pleasure was all mine
Every person I have spoken to that has seen SUNDOWNER has said that
it is one of the best shows they have ever seen. My guest was most
disappointed that she couldn't attend and I can't stop raving about
the show so she's even more disappointed now! It was one of the most
beautiful and moving productions I have personally seen and I
sincerely hope that someone picks up the show so that many more
people can see the work - it definitely deserves a longer and wider

Congratulations to you all!
Tania Grant, Arts Officer - Programming and Innovation - Arts

Congratulations. Talk about not a dry eye in the house! There are
some exceptional moments in the piece that are truly memorable! So
well done to one & all - I was very proud to be able to say that KAGE
is one of the Abbotsford Convents tenants!!!!!
Maggie Maguire, CEO - Abbotsford Convent Foundation

Kate Denborough's Thoughts

It is a great feeling to have finally premiered SUNDOWNER! It has
been a long and rewarding journey to get to this point.

During our season at Castlemaine State Festival, several members of
our Community Advisory Group (from Alzheimer's Australia Vic)
attended the show. One woman in particular, approached me after
seeing the show. She said that when she first met me, and I was
introducing the project to AA, she thought we were undertaking an
impossible task and that there was no way we would accuratley be able
to truthfully depict the impact dementia has on people diaganosed
with the disease as well as their families. She then went onto say
that to her utter disbelief we had proved her wrong! We have received
such wonderful feedback from people directly effected by Alzheimer's
as well as general public. As a Director it feels very satisfying to
engage an audience and for the work that we have spent so long making
has resonated with so many people.

There were definitley some challenges in making this work. I was
always trying to balance people's real life stories with a sense of
lightness and theatrically. It was a reflief to hear so much laughter
during the performance but then also so moving to feel and hear the
silence from the audience during the final scenes of the work. During
the curtain call the sniffling and nose blowing was almost as loud as
the applause! it's always strange to make a work that isn't an
upbeat, laugh out loud show, as the audience reacts so differently
when they are stirred.

Thanks to Everyone Involved

It takes a huge team of people on the ground to make a show like
SUNDOWNER happen. The key personel and their roles in this World
Premiere production of SUNDOWNER were as follows:

Conceived and Directed by Kate Denborough
Conveived and Written by David Denborough
Set Concept: Dan Potra
Set Realisation: Julie RentonSet Construction: Hans Van Dyck
Composer: Kelly Ryall with addition original music by Paul Kelly and
Megan Washington
Lighting Designer: Damien Cooper
Lighting Operator: Paul Lim
Costume Designer: Paula Levis
Costume Construction: Bridie Wilkinson and Naomi Van Dyck
Production Manager: Emily O'Brien
Stage Manager: Alice Fleming
KAGE General Manager: Simone Collins
Devised and Performed by: Helen Morse, Gerard Van Dyck, Michelle
Heaven and Stuart Christie plus the Tivoli Lovlies - Vicki
Charleston, Dot Lanphier, Jackie O'Neil, Lil Paranos and Verlie

Child Performers: Marlo Cobham (Friday 1st April) and Oscar Wilson
(Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April).

Alzheimer's Australia Vic Community Advisors: Rachelle
Better-Johnston, Liz Brady, Robyn Carmichael, Liz Fenwick, Pamela
Hore, Carol Liavas, Megan Major, Judith Wheaton, Kris Samuel, Fiona
Beale, Kim Martin, Margaret Tonks, Dennis Tonks, Rob McGrath, Carmel
McGrath, Tom Valenta, Wynn Rogan, Judy Hogarth, Tony Walsh and Paul

Those Who Made it Possible

It's time to thank those who made it all possible. SUNDOWNER was
generously supported by Alzheimer's Australia Vic, Castlemaine State
Festival, Convent Bakery, Abbotsford Convent Foundation, ABC
television, the Australian Governement through the Department of
Helath and Ageing and the Australia Council for the Arts, Victorian
Government through Arts Victoria, Besen Family Foundation, Helen
Macpherson Smith Trust, Lord Mayor's Charitbale Foundation, The Ian
Potter Foundation and the Thyne Reid Foundation. Thankyou all! We
couldn't have done it without you!

SUNDOWNER on ABC's Artscape

As you know, the ABC has been following KAGE around filming the
making of SUNDOWER. Most recently they filmed the bump in, as well as
one of our performances. They also caught some of your responses on
camera after the show. This documentary wil go to air on as part of
Artscape in mid 2011. Keep reading KAGE Communication for the
specific date and time to tune in.

The Future

KAGE looks forward to presenting SUNDOWNER many more times for
audiences far and wide. We are currently in discussions with major
Australian festivals and presenters and are also looking to tour the
work to our regional audiences.

If you missed it, never fear, SUNDOWNER will be back.

In the mean time we have many more photos of the show now up on the
KAGE website and video to come soon. Check it out!

KAGE Physical Theatre Assoc Inc
ABN 13 792 103 355
Studio C1.5 Convent Building
Abbotsford Convent 1 St Heliers St
Abbotsford VIC 3067 AUSTRALIA
Telephone: +61 3 9417 6700
Email: simone @
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