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Default Bullocks see top prices at the Charters Towers combined agents sale

Charters Towers combined agents yarded a total of 566 cattle, consisting of 348 prime cattle and 218 store cattle, with the prime sector made up of 190 bullocks, 28 heifers, 116 cows and 14 bulls.

Cattle consisted of mainly smaller lines of well finished prime cattle, which sold to a solid market, with buyers competing strongly for the cattle on offer.

The yarding was drawn from local and coastal areas along with Corfield, Greenvale and Mt Surprise.

Heifers to 440kg made 137c to average 118c/kg, heifers over 440kg made 144c to average 134c, cows to 400kg made 140c to average 112c, and cows over 400kg made 146c to average 136c/kg.

Steers to 500kg made 167c to average 165c, steers over 500kg made 171c to average 165c, and bulls over 450kg made 135c to average 120c/kg

Bullocks topped at 170.2c for three ox sold by B and M Christensen, weighing 685kg and returning $1165.

A line of 86 bullocks sold by Bluegrass Cattle Co, Amarra Station, Charters Towers, topped at 170.2c and $1033 to average 163c and $810.

The top priced trade heifer was presented by Kamarooka Partnership, making 144c to weigh 460kg and return $663, while the top pen of 15 cows was sold by A Brodie, Coorabelle, Corfield, for 146.2c and weighed 479kg to return $700.

Bulls sold by M and M Investments topped at 135c, 560kg and returned $757.

Store cattle yarded consisted of 71 steers, 141 heifers, and six cow and calf units.

Store cattle were made up of smaller lines of mainly local cattle presented to buyers who competed strongly across all descriptions, with rates fully firm on recent store sales.

Steers to 200kg made 190c to average 164c, steers 200 to 280kg made 180c to average 155c, steers 280 to 330kg made 150c to average 130c, and steers over 330kg made 170c to average 168c/kg.

Heifers to 200kg made 168c to average 149c, heifers 200 to 280kg made 154c to average 143, heifers 280 to 330kg made 155c to average 134c, and heifers over 30kg made 139c to average 139c/kg.

Seven Brahman cross steers sold by D Crouch, Calcium, made 190.2c, weighed 162kg and realised $308, while a pen of Brahman steers sold by R Muller made 180c, weighed 218kg and returned $393.

Seven Brahman cross heifers sold by D Crouch, Calcium, made 168.2c for 136kg and $229.

A pen of 25 Brahman heifers sold by VW Grazing, Gainsford, Charters Towers, sold for 154.2c to weigh 202kg and realise $311.

Five cows and calves sold by Pallamana Partnership returned $610.
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