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Old 02-11-2010, 12:58 PM
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Default Multimedia Presentation of North Queensland Festival Mission Beach

Hi, I do publicity for local, independent musicians and artists in North Queensland. I also assist with local festivals, gigs and events in North Queensland.

* See below for available interview times and additional information.

Tabi Sari is a musician in North Queensland who recently performed at The Mission Evolve Festival 2010. Although he is relatively new to the world of the music industry, he is making large strides towards success. He was inspired by Mission Evolve Music Fest and the natural beauty of the area around Mission Beach and Tully. Together with talented photographer, Raul Posse, he put together a multimedia presentation of his experience at the festival.

This is a unique form of art in North Queensland. We are contacting you because you are able to
assist with publicity through your publication. This is good publicity for regional North Queensland, The Mission Evolve Festival, the other local artists who performed, Raul Posse and Tabi Sari.

“It was my first festival appearance as Tabi Sari. On the way to the festival, the car that I grew up with clicked over 300,000km. It made laugh thinking that I was going to Evolve for the first time, the same weekend that my car reached a commendable milestone. I had a funny conversation with a friend, I asked her if she was going to Evolve this weekend? She was a bit shocked by my question and responded by asking me... Don’t you think evolution takes more time than a weekend!?

It was a pretty funny moment, not only were we not on the same page, but we were not even reading the same literature! And while it is true that the vast majority of people did not partake in the journey to Evolve in North Queensland that weekend, a good collection of happy people did manage to take
advantage on what was on offer.

The presentation is a story about this, enjoy!

Tabi Sari

This festival is unique for a number of reasons. Its location is stunning, the bands are (mostly) local to NQ and atmosphere is family friendly. It’s events like this that make living in North Queensland all the more special.

The presentations helps bring awareness of the festival by showing images of NQ bands, the Kareeya Hydro plant, the Tully Gorge, a wild cassowary and a bunch of other photos that showcase North Queensland as a special place to be. “For me this festival is special! It evokes spirit through music and I’m not the only one to feel it.

Respect to Earth and all life here.

We grow with awareness!”

Tabi Sari.

Available interview times:

Thurs 4th of November:
11:00am, 11:20am, 11:40am, 12:00pm, 12:20pm, 12:40pm, 1:00pm, 1:20pm, 1:40pm

Friday 5th of November:
11:00am, 11:20am, 11:40am, 12:00pm, 12:20pm, 12:40pm, 1:00pm, 1:20pm, 1:40pm

* Please book a time. Interview times will be given 15 minutes maximum. Please contact Paul Finn to book a suitable

See below for more information about Tabi Sari.

Paul Finn
4782 13080416 223 287


Coming from a small rural town and living in the regional cities of North Queensland, Paul was given the name Tabi Sari in a remote village on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. He has been involved in the music industry as a band member, editor, journalist and promoter in North Queensland. His influences are as varied as your imagination allows it, but he acknowledges influences from the likes of Les Paul, Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds, John Butler, and local musicians he jams with. Using an acoustic guitar and loop pedal, he creates groove inside the melodic rhythm styles. Early in 2010, Tabi Sari recorded a demo CD that captured his freestyle approach to music writing. “Laurence Backer at Noise Bank Studio is a legend! I want to send a big thank you to him for the support when recording the music.”

During the winter months in Australia of 2010, he travelled North Queensland playing his music in places like Townsville, Mission Beach, Cairns and Port Douglas. This was ambitious as Tabi Sari had never embarked on a project like this before. To his credit, he managed to get regular, weekly gigs in resorts and cafe/restaurants in Port Douglas and he settled into a nice routine. He even managed to gain media support with radio interviews and articles published in a music magazine and local news papers. “What an eye opener! I improved heaps from my time in Port Douglas. I was playing some wicked gigs usually at sunset, and it was pretty motivating to see so many people digging my style. I practiced and studied guitar everyday, 7 days a week. I researched tabs and scales online and focused on making each musical impression as clear as I could. It was the first time in my life that I truly felt like I was living the way I should, as a musician. It’s not always easy, but such is life, so I love it!”

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