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The Rules of the forum Please read and abide by all posted rules .

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Default Posting Rules , URL , Images

Welcome to Charters Towers Community Forums and Discussion Board.

Please read and abide by all posted rules .

As our forum is new, and over time we work out who we can trust.
Those proven members will have extra permissions.


1 .Posting Rules

Before posting something we would greatly appreciate if you try a search, there is a good chance what you want to post already has a thread started for it here .

Note: Pornography, nudity and offensive pictures are prohibited .


2. When posting images please

Never hotlink from sites that you do not own or have explicit permission from! As we have been receiving more and more complaints from webmasters for linking to their material.

EG: Display an image or link from a site without explicit permission from that site owner .


3. Display an image , photo .

Free Image Hosting with Photobucket .

Click here and register , Free Image Hosting


Add Sub Album = Album Name

Upload photo

After photo has uploaded .

Scroll down and copy the ,

Img code :
 [img.]  http://...your photo image code will be here/...gif  [img.]
img tag without the dot

Use this code when you would like to display an image in your post .


4. Post a link

Post a link to another website .

If the said URL or links to another website is of responsible content to do with the said topic or post , that is ok .

By participating in the discussion , thread or post , the URL or said link .

Not straight out spam .

Spamming will not be tolerated, you will be immediately banned from the forum and we will contact your provider!


Thankyou for your time today .
Please enjoy our forum .
Admin .

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