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Old 23-11-2007, 03:12 PM
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Default Slow startup or a slow in general computer

Is your computer very slow to start up or very slow in general.

This could be one of many things, old machine, slow processor or low memory.

Also we have heard of some with a great deal on one's hard drive.

If one would like to enjoy a fast computer experience, then it could help to upgrade your applications to the latest versions. Boost your RAM (Random Access Memory) and a fast processor, the simplest way to boost your overall system performance.

Some could have heard RAM in this way EG: 256RAM, 512RAM, 1Gig of RAM or 2 Gig of RAM and so on.
Some could have heard of processor's EG: Intel Pentum4 or Intel Cor Duo or Intel Cor Duo2 and so on.

If your hard drive has a lot on it then it could and should be time to invest in an External Storage System or External Hard Drive. And copy most if not all your data over the the External Hard Drive, as a backup it will be also. It is also good to keep most of your data (EG: photos and movies and such, data) that is not viewed often on an External Hard Drive as this will lesson the load of you main drive or C:/ drive. It will speed up your daily computer experience as well as virus scans, hard drive optimisation, disk defragmentations, daily cleanups and such.

A fast computer has a happy operator.

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